Earlier this month, we held our Marketing for the Future event jointly with Google at their London offices, exploring how the world of performance marketing, customer experience and brand are converging.

This exclusive event featured sessions delivered by Epiphany, Jaywing and Google experts on how brands can reach, convert and retain fans using the right combination of channels including search, brand building, UX, attribution, and CX.

Check out our key takeaways from each of the sessions below, and get in touch to be the first to hear about our next event:

Takeaway 1: “CRO can drive innovation within your business.”

Emma Travis, Head of CRO, Epiphany

“CRO is much more than just testing the colour of buttons. CRO can help create cultural change and allow businesses to innovate with not just their website but also their offering and customer services. CRO can give you the ability to validate ideas by measuring interest and demand.”

Takeaway 2: “Website performance still matters.”

Malcolm Slade, Head of Technical SEO, Epiphany

“With a shift in digital marketing towards brand strategy, it can be easy to leave behind traditional tactics. Some brands struggle to rank in the SERPs where they should simply because their website is not technically sound or doesn’t have the best content. Even the strongest brands in the world still need to have a high performing website; my advice would be to build a website performance culture within your business, as the speed of your website for example affects all users across all channels, and therefore warrants attention as a marketing focus.”

Takeaway 3: “Leverage technology to maximise your potential.”

Arianne Donoghue, Strategy Director, Epiphany

"Just like the Luddites during the Industrial Revolution, we find ourselves in a time where people are worried about being replaced by machines. But I think people should be excited about the potential that automation and AI can have, particularly in digital marketing. When used well, it can do many of the mundane tasks we fill our days with, freeing up our time and more importantly our brains for more important, valuable work that can help us love our jobs and find greater fulfilment in our work."

Takeaway 4: “Harness data science to know and serve your customers.”

Catherine Kelly, Head of Marketing Effectiveness, Jaywing

"Commercially sustainable brands are built on great customer experience. Data Science enables brands to know their customers like never-before and respond to them in the most relevant and effective way. By harnessing sophisticated mathematics, technology and unprecedented processing power; brands can deliver content based on what customers say, think, feel and do. Their customer engagement can provide a fantastic experience and brands can focus investment where it has the biggest impact.”

Takeaway 5: “We are still speaking to humans.”

Coral Cranmer, Head of Planning, Jaywing

“In a world where technology means we can do amazing things with data, we can speed up frustrating tasks and chores and eliminate the need to have awkward conversations if we really don’t want to… we have to remember that we are still dealing with humans. We still have emotions and needs and as amazing as bots are, they lack empathy. And a world without empathy isn’t a very pleasant one.”