Google made more moves to prepare for mobile-first indexing last month, as well as prioritising not just good content - but relevant content. Let’s take a look at the key updates in April:

A content relevance update

It’s been confirmed that another Google algorithm update has been released, along similar lines to March’s core algorithm update.

Google’s John Mueller previously stated that these updates are focused particularly on content relevance.

Content you produce must be clearly high quality, but to maximise your chance of higher rankings, ensure that this content is highly relevant to your target search queries.

No text to code ratio

It’s also been confirmed by Google that they do not have a text to code ratio when deciding how to rank pages.

This is yet another reminder to digital marketers that while making pages as fast and lightweight as possible is always a positive ambition, content quality and relevance is not dictated by the length of keyword count.

Make your answer to a user’s needs the best around your goal; that answer could be a sentence, several thousand words, an image, a graphic or even video but if it provides the best and most useful experience for users then eventually you’ll be rewarded.

A ‘more results’ button

Google has introduced a new ‘more results’ button which enables easier searches on mobile.

Now, users can click this button and instead of being taken to the next page, the results appear immediately below and users can simply scroll their way through.

Not only does this mean mobile search is becoming easier for the user, but it also makes sure that they can search faster than ever.

More results button

An update on ‘mobile first’

In preparation for the switch to mobile-first indexing, Google is currently reviewing how sites are internally linked to ensure that from a functionality perspective, they’re ready for the change.

If it’s not easy to navigate through a site on a mobile device, then Google may deem that the domain is not in a position to be moved over yet. This goes alongside its checks to content, metadata, and structured data.

Google has also recently begun notifying sites that their websites have been migrated to mobile-first. You’ll receive a notification from Search Console to let you know about these changes.

Mobile first indexing update

A push on job posting guidelines

After launching job search on Google, there has been a push in using job posting structured data to promote jobs while making sure that site owners are adhering to job posting guidelines.

One of the most important guidelines to note is that expired jobs must be removed so you’re not penalised by Google. A penalty may result in your site’s ability to use this schema being taken away until you resolve the issue.