The growing popularity of searching online using voice-assisted technology means that it’s no longer something brands and businesses can ignore. To still be visible for people searching this way, brands need to adapt their digital marketing strategies.

But taking it wider than search results, what other opportunities does the rise in voice-assisted technology offer to forward-thinking brands? In our latest interactive report, we take a look at this emerging market, the brands already factoring it into their business and marketing strategies, and what opportunities brands can jump on now and in the future.

Read the report to find out more on:

  • How Domino’s is letting people order pizza through Amazon Alexa by creating a Skill
  • Why voice search makes it more important than ever that content on sites properly answer user’s needs
  • How featured snippets are the best way to gain success in voice search right now
  • Why now is the time to be trialling Skills that simplify a part of your user’s journey
  • Why, as the market evolves, it is imperative to start building strong partnerships with partners such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • How the value of having a strong brand rises in importance if retailers are to remain relevant in the minds of consumers

Take a look at the full report here, and check out our video detailing a voice search strategy in action for our client Anglian Home Improvements.