Customer Insight & Audience Analysis Services

With an array of unparalleled data tools and insights at our fingertips; we can uncover a wealth of data and analysis on your audience to shape your strategies, and feed into campaigns in real-time.

Right message, right customer, right time.

Bespoke audience types

We can gather insight on bespoke audience types, which can be defined by a whole range of factors. By learning more about your audience, it allows us to understand what types of content might engage them.

Insight to fuel campaigns

By understanding if it’s long form copy, video, photography etc. that gain the most engagement on social channels, we can develop campaign content that will actually resonate with your audiences.

Delivering ROI

By taking the time to understand who your customers are, we are able to create an audience-first approach to our campaigns, which enables us to understand the value of different customer segmentations, allowing us to deliver the most effective and tailored marketing messages for the greatest ROI.

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Unearth deep insights.

We use a wide range of audience profiling and data tools to develop a thorough understanding of your audience, all the way from basic factual information (age, social group, gender, profession) to their habits and attitudes.

Even with just a small amount of information on a client’s audience, we can build ‘lookalike’ audiences and in a small amount of time, understand the likes and dislikes of this audience.

We also use specific social tools to understand the types of content your customers engage with most, which we can then compare to your key competitors or other brands that you want to align with.

By understanding whether it’s long-form copy, video, photography etc. that will gain the most engagement on social channels, we can develop campaign content that actually resonates with your audience.